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Hello Fellow Diving Enthusiast,

I am delighted to announce the official foundation of the Northwest Diving History Association, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation, registered and licensed in the State of Washington. Decades of talking about this idea, and the past 18 months of due diligence and focused planning, have brought us to this point.

Our Mission: “Preserve the History of Scuba Diving in Our North Pacific Region.”

Throughout the North Pacific’s coastal and inland cold-water diving region, from Northern California to Alaska, there are scores of diving memorabilia collections that are looking for a home. These valuable private collections include old books, magazines, local dive club newsletters, unique artwork and cartoons, and lots of old photos. Some collections include unique, and valuable, artifacts that were gathered underwater by our favorite “underwater scroungers.” There are also countless stories to be told, some are very funny “sea stories,” some are in the category of “stupid ideas,” and many are valuable documentations of our diving history.

The Museum Project:

The NWDHA is developing the museum to feature our Northwest Diving History. We will feature the people and their stories, as well as exhibits of vintage diving equipment, books, magazines, photos and other memorabilia. Throughout our region, there are many diving pioneers that have not gained notoriety in the industry, however their contributions to the diving community have been invaluable. We will share their stories and achievements with you, and honor them, because they deserve to be recognized.

NWDHA Membership:

Please join us this inaugural year of 2012 as a CHARTER MEMBER. You’ll have opportunities to share your stories, including your favorite “Sea Stories,” assist on committees and be an important part of this historic organization.

Thank You My Friend,

Tom Hemphill



"From scuba diving's US beginning in 1950, we now have a history with three generations of underwater enthusiasts. That history is rich with stories tracing the technical advances in equipment and training as well as the pure adventures discovered and pursued by North Pacific scuba divers."

"Our diving history is in the hands of those who experienced it as well as those thoughtful divers who preserve it through the Northwest Diving History Association. The time is now for the old timers to record their unique experiences and for the newer diving generations to support and continue this worthy endeavor."

Bill High, Diver 1955 to present

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